Since 2009, BAM! has been working with organizations large and small to develop memorable marketing campaigns for brands, products, developments, and entertainers on an international to hyper-local scale.

Using the power of social media and digital marketing as its foundation, BAM’s work has reached hundreds of millions of people throughout the world with compelling storytelling and unique marketing strategies. The organization has grown from its start almost 10 years ago, to expand its work to include website development, mobile marketing, influencer partnerships, cause marketing, as well as event strategy and execution.


We also build Messenger bots!

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With billions of people using social media networks, it is crucial for businesses to be where their current and potential customers can reach them. For our team, social is a way of life and what we’ve known for over the last ten years. Social media is not just a schedule it and forget it medium, but rather one that requires time, attention and conversation.

It is no longer the idea of customers, or what they are: Gender, Race, Nationality, Age. Modern social marketing is about who they are. What they believe, what are their opinions, what they feel, what they think. These are known as psychographics and it’s something that we live for.

Don’t have the time or in-house expertise to actively manage your social media community? We’ll do the heavy-lifting. You will be assigned a Social Media Strategist who will work with you to ensure your social media networks are being actively managed.

For us, successful social media means conversation and an ongoing exchange of ideas. We are ready, willing and able to tackle your biggest social media worry and can help you succeed in ways you’ve only dreamed of. You have a story to tell, let us tell your story.


The decline of organic reach on all of the major social networks has sent businesses and marketers into a tailspin. Even some of the largest brands have seen as high as a 50% drop in reach.  While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, strategic advertising on social media can help.

Social media ad buying is different than any other ad buying in that quality content is demonstrably more cost-effective to promote than average content. Our Social Media Strategists pair careful audience targeting with real-time optimization. The result? Ads that resonate with the community and exceed goals.


One tweet, one post, or one update can make or break your reputation – are you managing yours effectively? At BAM!, we work to manage your brand’s online reputation through monitoring and management services that give you a clear glimpse of what others think, say, and feel about you online. We provide actionable and insightful advice to small businesses and global corporations alike so that your image, no matter how big or small, has a chance to get noticed and grow.

Whether you need a pre-emptive crisis and escalation plan, a few days of strategic guidance, or just more eyes on your channels to handle a surge in complaints, we can quickly activate an experienced team to help you get through it all.


Whether you’re looking to send a one-time-only email or a more frequent daily email, we will design, create, and manage every email marketing campaign for your company or brand.


The goal of email marketing is to move your prospects from one stage of the sales funnel to the next. In other words, our agency will send emails that motivate people to buy your products and services.  From the creation of  “drip campaigns”, or email automation sequences, we will work with you to develop a systematic flow of emails to your marketing leads. Use our email marketing services to speed up your sales cycle, save valuable time, we are here to help.


We know how important it is to build a professional identity and maintain cohesive artwork for your brand. Our design team offers a full suite of services from logos and branding to business cards and billboards. Whatever you need for your business, we can help. We also offer drop-ship printing services nationwide for any event large or small.


As you may already understand the power of video content marketing and the potential outreach of a juggernaut social media platform, you may be inclined to pursue Facebook Live as the next step in your marketing strategy. Facebook Live is a natural extension of video content marketing, a step forward, adding a dynamic component to your viewerships interactive experience.

Live production on social media can help your brand expand the reach of your content, keep the audience engaged by providing quality content, and entice your viewers to interact by facilitating conversations as you are streaming live. We offer a full suite of production tools to launch a multi-camera Facebook Live experience for a truly professional production (otherwise known as a 1000x better than a cell phone stream.)


We love events at BAM! Over our ten years, we’ve had the pleasure to manage social media programming for every type of event from corporate conferences to fashion weeks and nearly everything between.  We believe that events both large and small have the opportunity to connect people in a traditional way that social media cannot.  Do you have an event coming up? We can help plan how to best use social media for your upcoming conference, festival or event.
Do you need help planning an event? Our fully owned sister agency, BAM! Events can assist your company in planning an event from start to finish.


Whether you’re new to SMS marketing or a seasoned pro, our on hand experts will help you develop a text messaging strategy that is tailored to your organization. Our 1 on 1 account setup and training differentiates us. We work with you to understand the unique opportunities you face and provide a strategy for success.


We work tirelessly for your brand to combine a strategic and creative process to create long-term brand followers.


During our onboarding phase, we are all about you. We want to immerse ourselves in your business and get to know the inner workings of what makes your company tick.  We complete our signature want and need program for your business so that we can develop a strategy that is unique to your brand and fits within your company goals for growth, communications, and branding.


When we plan for success, we are dedicated to ensuring that your business has an effective and successful reach in each avenue of digital marketing that we work together on.  As we plan, we define attainable and measurable goals that are SMART. We also provide our clients with timelines so that expectations and solutions are delivered in a timely manner.


There is always a process to the message that is created for social media or any type of digital marketing.  Using the science behind social, our creative spirits and a little bit of our signature magic sauce, we will build a strategy and campaign that fits your brand.  During creation, we plan, we take apart, we rebuild, we strategize, but most importantly we work our hardest to get it right.


Once we have developed the strategy and our client and teams are ready for launch, we blast your story out for the world to see.  If the world isn’t your oyster, that is okay too — we are passionately dedicated to reaching your target audience with the message that will result in more brand awareness, sales, and engagement.


Ideas are great, but unless they are backed up with factual data, we are making a bunch of assumptions. By no means do we say that our solutions are infallible, but being that we live and breathe by data, we use this as our guiding light when it comes to ensuring success for every client that we represent.


Measurement without learning is useless. We can collect all the data in the world, but if it’s not actionable data, it won’t bring you any closer to solving problems. Every aspect of our data analysis is put into practice so that we can continue to lead in thought, balanced by actionable data.


Let’s face it, the marketing industry is constantly evolving. Especially, when we look at the world of digital marketing. We’ve got plenty to say on the topic, catch up on our latest blog entries.

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We have had the pleasure of telling the story for clients from a varied selection of industries over the last 10 years from international Fortune 100 companies to social good organizations that work nationwide.


Please share my thanks and appreciation out to all your team members for their great work during our conference! Your colleagues are delightful and I enjoyed engaging with them throughout the event. I hope they felt how important their help was to us.

Dr. J. Michael Durnil, Simon Youth Foundation.


BAM! Social Business is in a league all its own thanks to the fearless and creative leadership of Phil Cobucci and his amazingly talented team of social media gurus. This team goes above and beyond any expectation, pouring passion, professionalism, and performance into each and every project. I have been lucky enough to work with BAM! on a variety of projects over the years and BAM!'s level of work and social insight is unparalleled in the industry.

Meredith Bazzell, Nashville Marketing Professional.


Having worked with BAM in a previous job, they were the first team I thought of when I needed help promoting our holiday events. With over 50 retail stores in three states, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Why try to do something that you’re not an expert at when the experts are just one phone call away. The return on my investment showed up in one of the best months we’ve had in two years. We will always turn to Phil and the team at BAM for any of our social media needs.

Nan Gray, Sprint.


When you are in the weeds every single day, it is easy to get lost in verbiage and doing what has always been done across your social channels. Bam helped us create a more organized plan and streamlined our messaging in a way that only someone with fresh eyes and years of experience could do. It was beyond helpful.

Hal Cato, CEO, Thistle Farms.


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