10 Tips and Tricks to Becoming More Productive at Work

1 | Take time to settle in each morning. Unpack your bag, fill up your water bottle, grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Having a few minutes to prepare your mind and space will help keep you on track.

2 | Make a to-do list each morning. Setting your intentions will give you peace of mind and a clear head to start the day.

3 | Tackle the hardest task on your to-do list first. You’ll feel more accomplished and won’t be procrastinating throughout the day.

4 | Use a tool like Toggl to track your productivity and how much time you’re dedicating to each task. You’ll be able to go back and look at your time management, which is helpful, especially when working on multiple tasks per day.

5 | Take breaks! We’re not talking hour long breaks here, but step away from the computer for five minutes every once in a while to rest your eyes. Use the 20 / 20 trick. Every 20 minutes, look somewhere 20 feet away from the computer for 20 seconds. It’s actually good for your eyes and for your mind!

6 | Leave your desk during lunch. Your brain needs a break to reset to get through the second half of the day. Reading a book or catching up on the news is a good way to step away from the computer for a little bit.

7 | Keep (mostly) healthy snacks at your desk. Veggie sticks and sunflower seeds are a great start. But you can’t fight a little chocolate pick-me-up in the afternoon. Keep a bag of single-serve peppermint patties in your desk. Share them around and everyone will be very thankful!

8 | Work on one thing at a time. Navigating through 50 open tabs will stress anyone out, so giving your full attention to one thing at a time will help you to be more productive and focused.

9 | Before you leave each day, organize your desk. It’ll make you feel more prepared the next morning and less stressed when you’re not scrambling for 20 minutes looking for one document.

10 | Create a workplace playlist. Look, we even made one for you to get started! I’ve really been into groovy, soul, bluesy music lately and this one is very Vulfpeck, Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire heavy: http://spoti.fi/1SDpte6