Behavioral Targeting

We’ve already seen signs of it — targeted ads on Facebook, suggested people to follow on Twitter, even Google seems to know what you’re thinking — and believe it or not behavioral targeting is changing the Internet at large.

Back in 2003, advertisers used audience targeting, which assigned people to various demographics and targeted these demographics based on age, gender and location. Now, with more data, the targeting can be — and is — much more dynamic, and can gauge your interests and preferences. Companies that specialize in targeting can nearly promise more ad engagement by targeting people who have indicated -– through their behavioral patterns on the web -– that they might be interested in the product at hand. It’s a more costly form of advertising, but the conversion rate can offset the increased cost.

The benefits of behavioral targeting when it comes to internet marketing include:

  • A consumer’s internet experience will be more about them
  • The web could change it’s appearance for you
  • The web will view you as a multi-dimensional person with many interests
  • It’s tapping into the world of mobile marketing and social media

Despite these huge advances, behavioral targeting is not perfect, but it has immense potential to change the way we consume and search for information. And this potential is more within reach every day as more data is collected and analyzed. In fact, by the time you read this post, millions more data points already will have been collected, making the Internet that much smarter.

At BAM! we partner with your business to develop an online marketing campaign, we will properly target your consumers through some of today’s most powerful behavioral targeting methods.

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