Blackberry tries to get into the streaming music biz…

RESEARCH IN MOTION, the manufacturer of BLACKBERRY devices “is close to rolling out its own music streaming service that will work across its mobile devices, sources tell THE NEW YORK POST.

The report says UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, SONY MUSIC, WARNER MUSIC GROUP and EMI GROUP are all on board with RIM, and users can expect a LABOR DAY launch for the service in the U.S.

“RIM has been enhancing its BLACKBERRY Messenger offering,” notes THE POST, “popularly known as BBM, since announcing its ‘social platform’ at last SEPTEMBER’s DEFCON event where it unveiled the PLAYBOOK tablet computer.”

Something tells us over here at BAM!, that this will be another failure on behalf of Blackberry. With increasing competition from iPhone and Android devices, Blackberry should be focusing on developing a more stable operating system . The applications that are available from app stores on the leading competitors are easy to use and easy to develop.

This ‘open’ letter to RIM executives says it all… They are out of touch.

We have a been using a Blackberry device since 2004 and in that time have had nearly 16 replacements, not including upgrades. Quite simply, we can’t wait for the new iPhone5.