Event Marketing

Whether your event is large or small, successful and targeted event marketing should be an integral part of your overall strategy. BAM! evaluates each event and creates a cohesive and effective plan, using promotion, public relations and social media to maximize the exposure for the appropriate audience.

Ticket Sales

BAM! will work with you to completely customize your ticketing experience. From the look, price management, convenience fees and data review – we’re able to offer complete control over every element of the ticketing process.


As we continue to expand our engagement efforts with our clients, using tools that allow us to geo-fence areas will provide the opportunity to search by location to find data that may be missed by traditional keyword and hashtag monitoring tools. This will give us access to a dataset that was not previously available and provide the opportunity to engage and monitor differently. We see this tool to be useful for multiple initiatives including in-store direct consumer engagement, customer service, and security.


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