Going Live: In Uncertain Times

The past three weeks for Nashvillians have been tumultuous, to say the least. Our struggles have certainly shown the strength of our community in many ways — a truly beautiful thing to see.

As we are in a period of social distancing, our businesses and organizations have had to quickly adapt to change business models in an effort to survive and continue the work. These times are certainly uncertain for any business owner — and especially small independent businesses like ours.

By utilizing LIVE streaming on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, we have seen some of the best talents around the world entertain us, people engaging in storytelling, businesses adapting quickly and so much more. Times like these stretch our levels of creativity, it is beautiful to see what our wonderful world has done through the power of social media just a few days into this pandemic arriving into the United States.

At BAM! Social Business, we have been engaging in the art of social storytelling for over 10 years and have been producing LIVE campaigns for the last 3 and a half years. If your business or organization needs assistance with a LIVE meeting, an amended approach to operations or you have a fun idea to engage people around the globe — we want to talk with you!

Now through October 31, 2020, we will be offering three different LIVE production packages for businesses and for non-profits at up to 75% off our regular rate in an effort to help our community during this time.

Have an idea? Need to discuss it?

Book time with our Chief Strategist, Phil Cobucci — here.