Harness the Power of the Endless Scroll

With the “save” function and “categories,” Instagram is more like Pinterest than ever before. For many Millennials and most of Gen Z, Instagram is the go-to place for connecting with creators, finding new brands, and getting inspired. Where does all of this inspo-hunting happen? Instagram’s Explore Page––and soon businesses can take advantage of the endless scroll by placing ads in Explore Page feeds.

According to the Instagram Business Team, more than 50% of accounts on Instagram use Explore every month. That means there’s an untapped market of over 55 million users! The Explore Page is the perfect place for them to find a new product or brand they love––maybe your brand.
Explore Pages are broken down by interest, which makes it even easier to hit your target audience. Design, Food, Shopping––there’s a page for everyone. This is great for businesses because Instagram users will be actively interested in what they’re searching in the Explore Page, as opposed to quickly scrolling by your ad on their main feed.

The Explore Page is packed with culturally relevant, trending topics. When you place an ad on the Explore Page, it’s important to make sure it fits in with popular content––that way you can expect increased engagement levels and a better return on your investment. Start studying trends now so that your team will be ready when the rollout is complete.
If your brand is ready to try something new, keep your eyes peeled for this ad option in the coming months. Your brand new customers might be a scroll away!