Instagram Cheat Sheet

Does your Instagram need a pick me up? Are you curious on the best practices to grow your brand? Try these quick fixes and engagement tips to get your Instagram profile back on track!

CHIPOTLECelebrate the little things: Whether it be your brand’s 5th birthday, your CEO just got engaged or you made it through a gruesome week you need to CELEBRATE! Humanize your brand by celebrating company  and staff milestones, regardless of how important or small they are. This is an easy crowd pleaser and will yield great engagement results.

Believe in your product: Regardless of your product, whether it be a muffler, a diamond or a Philly Cheese Steak you must market it as the greatest product around. Take pride in your brand and show it off with a sense of true admiration.

Hashtag the right way: #Hashtags #are #great, but they’re often times misused and highly abused. Hashtags should be utilized for discovery and should be found easily with your social audience. Try using no more than five hashtags in your posts and create a strong mix of specific and broad hashtags to cast a wide net for potential discovery for your brand.

DUNKIN DONUTSWTF Marketing: Don’t shy away from being goofy, silly or weird! Making people take a second look at your content is a great way to increase your visibility and make your product memorable.

by Katie FitzGerald, inspired by Simply Measured Engagement Boost Cheat Sheet Pack