Isaac’s Endgame Avengers

  1. Iron Man: Out of all the characters the comprise the MCU, Tony Stark’s character arc is the most profound. He’s an essential part of the team dynamic along with Captain America and Thor, but he brings a complexity and moral ambiguity to the series. He’s a wish-fulfillment character in that he’s an ultra-rich genius playboy, but it’s his flaws—his troubles with alcohol, his arrogance, his willingness to make unilateral decisions—that make him so interesting and relatable.
  1. Captain Marvel: Two words: Space. Mom. One of the strongest characters, Captain Marvel slices through space ships like butter, and as it relates to the MCU, her origin story film only scratched the surface of what she is capable of.
  1. The Vision: Born from a combination of multiple AIs and a singularity from the dawn of time (at least, as far as the MCU is concerned—in the comics, he’s actually a ‘synthezoid’ created by Ultron when the latter split The Human Torch into two separate beings) Vision is one of the key characters in the MCU, and is ultimately the Mind Stone personified. He is on the side of life, and that’s something I can get behind.