Mobile & SMS Marketing

Smartphones, the most powerful data-collection tools ever created, don’t just tell brands what consumers want but where consumers are. Sometimes they even tell brands what consumers are doing at different times of the day.

Location, activity and time are a powerful combination, however, many companies, in a rush to seize a toehold in the exploding mobile market, mistakenly focus on the technology instead of the people using it. Their messages lack relevancy and consumers filter them out the mobile equivalent of telemarketing. To be relevant to consumers, and to slip past the filter, companies must shift their approach to mobile marketing.

At BAM! we employ techniques that force consumers to no longer passively participate in campaigns. Instead, they will respond in real time, influencing both the scope and direction of promotions. It’s a two-way conversation. It’s not enough to release a sparkly new mobile app. Innovative applications are important, of course, but brands have to do more. BAM! will help your brand take their mobile marketing initiatives to the next level.

We have a deep understanding of how mobile apps can drive views, downloads and checkins, and how to schedule specific calls-to-action around release dates, product trials and related campaigns, both on and offline. We utilize real-time information monitoring from mobile apps and social media to get a broad perspective. Additionally we go to the consumer’s ground level to tailor the user experience on an individual level.

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