Online Advertising

There is no lie that advertising has changed in the last five years with the explosive growth of online and social media advertising. The budgets that your small business once dedicated to extremely high print and television advertisements are no longer needed.

The truth is that before online advertising took over the way we expose our businesses to new clients and customers, it was an easy interaction: we spoke with a sales person, they told us what we should do and the ad was purchased . In many cases, the newspaper or magazine could even design our ad for us.

In today’s world, advertising is completely different now that ‘online’ is thrown into the mix.

Many “traditional” advertisers (i.e Yellow Pages, Newspapers) have added online marketing to their ever growing list of services without the knowledge of what certain added features and/or benefits can do — thus throwing money down the drain for “ineffective” advertising models.

BAM! can help your business in planning and determining a successful strategy to maximize the use of your budget between Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and other online advertising opportunities. We are focused on the success of your business, and aim to provide your business with an amazing ROI.

Marketing has traditionally focused on “the four ‘Ps’”: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Social media has morphed into a fifth, and possibly most important “P”: People. A people strategy is at the center of today’s dynamic and fluid social marketing mix. It involves listening to and engaging with everyone who can touch or influence current and potential customers at all stages of brand interaction. This strategy is much broader, deeper and more profound than consumer targeting.

People play multiple — sometimes simultaneous — roles as receivers, creators, critics, advocates, transformers and transmitters of messages. Brian Solis’ conversation prism helps to put this mash-up into perspective.

BAM! will help your business succeed in the realm of online advertising. Your business’ online advertising model needs to have a mindset shift away from deficit-based, downside thinking to asset-based, upside thinking. This can be achieved with BAM! through our Core Values and this five step process…

  • Lighten Up. Stop lamenting the end of advertising as we know it. Celebrate the emergence of advertising as the consumer wants it and as it was meant to be — the art of one-on-one persuasion.
  • Listen Up. Grow bigger ears and listen to an expert whose is adept at listening to what people feel. Value response and engagement skills as much as creative abilities.
  • Loosen Up. Get comfortable with giving up control to gain confidence and traction with clients and consumers. Client relationships ought to be rooted in trust, transparency and creative programs that are built on a strong positioning and responsibly deliver what is promised.
  • Ladder It Up. Embrace “collabetition.” Resist the urge to say “we can do it all” and openly collaborate with like-minded competitors to add value to an idea or program.
  • Live It Up. At BAM! we immerse ourselves in the “social circles” in which consumers live and move everyday. Observation and understanding has been and will be trumped by participation and engagement.

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