Phil Cobucci

Passionate about marketing, branding and technology from a young age, Phil Cobucci knew that he was destined for a career in marketing and communications.  After growing up just minutes from New York City, Phil attended Liberty University in Virginia and received a B.S. in Communications. It was there that his journey as a marketing professional began; he simultaneously held the positions of Marketing Director/Assistant Manager of the university radio station and of College Marketing Representative for Warner Music Group.

Phil’s work with both organizations landed him accolades and awards, eventually allowing him to pursue a career in the music business with Warner Bros. Records.After nearly five years of working with such artists as Madonna, Green Day, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé, in various sales and marketing roles, he left the music business behind for a reinvention.

In 2009, Phil moved to Nashville, Tennessee with a passion for creativity and a drive for success. After quickly making both personal and professional contacts in Music City, Phil launched BAM! Solutions, a digital marketing and website development company. Through this, Phil drove social strategy for a variety of organizations, including the Documentary Channel, and other small businesses throughout Middle Tennessee.

In 2012, BAM! Solutions relaunched as BAM! Social Business, a digital marketing agency, specializing in social media and digital strategy. The company grew drastically throughout 2012, including working with Fortune 100 companies to develop and implement social media strategies on a national and international level. Following the success of the previous year, BAM! continued to grow in 2013 with the launch of an event marketing division, that works with clients of all sizes to support their digital marketing initiatives throughout each phase of a special event.

Phil has seen many opportunities to share his theories and ideas on marketing communications with unique and memorable audiences and he continually dedicates his efforts to leading strategies for clients that understand the need for engaging social media communications. As an employer, Phil stands behind his team and encourages them to develop theories and strategies for each client, understanding that no business is ever the same. A core tenant of BAM! is to support, engage and arm young college graduates and earnest students with the keys they need to maximize marketing successes in the social media space. As the agency continues to grow, Phil looks forward to further laying a foundation in Nashville with heavy involvement in the local entrepreneur community, as well as local art and media programs.

In his free time, Phil supports various social causes, including the adoption of mass transit throughout Middle Tennessee, HIV/AIDS research and the future growth of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Phil and his rescued Pit-Terrier, Charlie, are proud residents of East Nashville.

Get to Know

1.  Write a short bio of your favorite musician/author/actor/etc. in 100 characters or less.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery.

2.  What world city do you identify with?
New York City, after all it is a place for reinvention for the hopeful.

After traveling extensively for nearly a decade, NYC will always still be the one place that I identify with. An expansive city with millions of different people, all come to the city looking for something. The hunt, the exploration, the new experiences, the successes, the failures— are all beautiful components of life.

3.  Which pop culture icon is your spirit animal?

If you could take the list below and take their talents, merging them into one person… I’d be set.

  1. Anderson Cooper for his interview abilities
  2. Seth Meyers for his comedy and wit
  3. Raul Esparza for his voice
  4. Neil Patrick Harris for his acting chops

4.  If you could only listen/watch/read three things for the rest of your life, what would you choose (no mixing and matching – they all have to be in the same category)?

Watch: DeLovely
Watch: Designing Women
Watch: Company

6. What is your favorite celebrity quote and why does it resonate with you?

It’s hard to pick just one… so since I’m the boss, I get two. 🙂

To let ourselves be seen, deeply seen, vulnerably seen; to love with our whole hearts — to practice gratitude and joy in those moments of terror, when we’re wondering, “Can I love you this much? When we work from a place of, I’m enough, then we stop screaming and start listening, we’re kinder and gentler to the people around us, and we’re kinder and gentler to ourselves.” — Brene Brown

“…I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling, and summon the courage to live it.” — Oprah

With each person that I hire at BAM! — I encourage them to fulfill their greatest potential. While this is a job, I don’t see it as a means to an end. I have been granted the ability to provide a living to my team members, and it is not a responsibility that I take lightly. I wish nothing more than for their success and happiness — throughout their entire life, knowing that this is just one step to achieving their greatest potential.

7. Who is your favorite clothing designer?

I couldn’t pick an individual clothing designer or brand… but if I could pick a brand of shoes? Cole Haan. Without question.

8. Where would you go on your dream vacation?

A European holiday is in my not so distant future… Have any suggestions of where exactly I should go?

9. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

It is probably my first job… I was 13 or 14 and a bicycle delivery boy for a mexican restaurant.

10. Describe your favorite thing about Nashville.

Every day that I drive through town, there is something new and exciting being built, upgrading or changing. The growth that this town is experiencing is unlike anything else that I’ve seen in the entire country. I’m so incredibly thrilled to see Nashville moving forward.

11. Biggest guilty pleasure?

Double Stuffed Oreos — and a good bourbon. But not in the same sitting.

12. What was your dream job as a child?

There is video of me as a kid saying that I wanted to work for Warner Bros. Records — and having worked for WBR and Warner Music Group for nearly 5 years in my early 20s, I am lucky to say that I worked my dream job. As of today… I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I am so excited for what we have built at BAM! and where the future will take us.

13. What is your favorite thing about the new BAM! headquarters?

BAM! started in my home… and we bootstrapped it for quite a few a years until it was the right time to expand. So, I’d have to say that my favorite thing is that I now have a house to come home to at night. My rescued Pit Terrier misses the team, quite a bit though.

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