Search Engine Optimization

If You Build It, Will They Come?

(What this SEO can do for you and your business.)

Far too many small businesses believe that simply creating a website is all they need to do for their business as far as an online strategy goes. But there’s so much more to it than that. For instance, once you build your new website, how will people find your website apart from the other millions that are out there?

  • If a qualified buyer is looking to make a purchase, could they find your company online? 
  • Will potential customers find your website before your competitor’s site? 
  • If new prospects find your site, will they then convert into a paying customer? 

Here’s the big problem: You offer outstanding products or services, but not enough people know about it because they haven’t found you yet. Wouldn’t you like to serve more customers with your business? Wouldn’t you like to have new customers continually calling or contacting because they discovered your website online?

You need a search engine optimization strategy.

If your business could benefit from more exposure, but are wondering where to even start, don’t worry about a thing – just let our team of qualified experts help you create a new SEO strategy. We’ll help you all along the way.

This is how we do it: First we work with you to get to know your company and your brand. Then we study your market, your audience, and your offer so we can create the best connections. Next, we find out what your competitors are doing so that you can top them in the search engine rankings! Let’s take a look at an  SEO overview.

You have to take your business to where the buyers are. And more and more are buying online these days…- BAM! , Nashville SEO Company

The big problem with SEO is generally where to start. But let us break it down for you.

Start with the keywords – these are the terms that people type into a search engine. Sure you know what your company is and what it does, but what are the real words that people are actually typing into the search engine? We will make sure that the people looking for you are finding you.

Next, we will use this new keyword information to optimize your website. Did you know that there are at least 21 different basic SEO tactics to use on each and every page of your website? If you do these right, the search engines will be very happy with you and will reward you with higher results.

Then, the next step will be to turn your website into an authority so that you receive more ranking. This is done through what’s called Off-Page SEO – that simply means to build your website status by having other sites mention and refer to yours. Search engines also love to see other relevant sites point to yours.

As you climb toward the top in the search results, you’ll begin to receive more traffic. It’s important to capitalize on the increased exposure, so our next step will be to help you convert your site traffic into paying customers – customers that will come back again and tell their friends.

The thing we love about SEO in Nashville is that it always brings qualified prospects. Say you sell blue widgets and someone types a search for “where to buy a blue widget,” if your SEO strategy is in place, then you could easily make that sale and establish a repeat customer.

What would your business look like if your website got found online?

Talks to us about creating a search engine optimization strategy for your website today, and we will help you to start getting found online tomorrow.

At BAM!, our Search Engine Optimization experts are committed to being completely transparent with our clients in all of our actions, tasks, and implementations.

BAM! Social Business – SEO Company in Nashville, TN 

A word of warning: The world of SEO services can be very ambiguous. Please never do business with any company that 1) in not in constant contact with you, 2) does not provide understandable reporting, and 3) makes promises of things like “instant number one on Google.”

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