Social Listening & Engagement

As the social space continues to change and grow in 2014, we believe that engagement is going to be the primary focus. This is not a revolutionary concept, but has been largely overlooked within tactical social marketing efforts in the past. As technology has evolved and the cost of tools to utilize this marketing method have decreased, we must begin this journey with haste.

The opportunity exists for us to develop relationships with each member of the audience based on personal knowledge, familiarity, sentiment, and trust. Utilizing engagement strategies, we can ultimately know who is visiting and interacting with your brand by providing personalized experiences, relevant messages, individualized recommendations and highly targeted offers. When managed correctly, these strategies will lead to long-term and profitable relationships.

When we prioritize engagement over exposure, the traditional approach of using mass reach to connect with consumers will be turned on its head.

Consumers are spending increased amount of time on social networks, and desires have shifted to expect that brands will focus on personalizing their experience while also working to be relevant. Consumer are smart — and they always choose who to friend, like, follow, and connect with across social networks to customize each and every online experience.

When individuals interact on social with a brand for the first time, they evaluate the brand with two metrics: trustworthiness and confidence. Our engagement strategies need to be built around those two key metrics. Our key performance indicators for engagement are based on comments, fan counts, key page activity, onsite messaging, and posts from users.