Three Ways to Utilize LinkedIn’s Update to Company Pages


Adjust The Appearance. 

In the same way college students are advised to keep their LinkedIn profiles up to date as job-seekers, businesses are now able to spruce up their profiles as the professionally sought. New updates to LinkedIn’s Company Pages allow admins the opportunity to upload cover photos (1536 by 768 pixels), add logos (1536 by 768 pixels) and write a tagline that best highlights your business’ personality and goals at-a-glance. It’s worth it to keep all of your company’s imaging on-brand across social platforms— which should certainly include LinkedIn.

Know The Tools in your Admin Toolbox

In the Company Page’s navigation bar, there’s a digital toolbox just for you— “Admin Tools.” Upon clicking, you’ll see a dropdown menu and options to either “Manage Admins” or go to the “Help Center.” Managing the admins of your business page is fairly self explanatory but the Help Center is no generic search engine or FAQ landing page— it’s the editing command center. After being taken to a new window, you’ll have the ability to see the “member view,” or how your page looks to the LinkedIn public. From there, all of your business’ important editing decisions can be made from content in your “About Us” to which specific jobs are tied to your page and the connections it’s accrued since its launch. Make sure your company’s information is current and that all admins approve of your page’s member view!

Get Familiar with Analytics

With the new update for your LinkedIn Company Page, admins can now view a week’s worth of analytics per post to the networking site. This doesn’t just reveal how many likes or comments each of your posts receive, it shows whether there’s been an increase or decrease in engagement. This clues you in on which kinds of updates your audience is actually interested in consuming – so pay attention! Tracking engagement information could have a large impact on your page’s visibility and growth.

– Abby Franklin