Trip Consideration 🤔

Summer vacation may still be months away, but advertisers are already planning your trip- even if you haven’t decided where to go yet. How? Facebook has announced a new optimization option on its ad platform: Trip Consideration.

Often times, people know they want to travel long before they know where they want to travel. Travel Consideration will reach Facebook users during the decision-making period. Once a user visits a page related to travel, Facebook acknowledges their intent and will begin pushing ads related to flight, hotel, and other deals.

According to Christine Warner, the head of travel for Facebook, many travelers spend fives times as much time on Facebook and Instagram than any other trip planning site. Trip Consideration is likely to help Facebook become an even stronger competitor to sites like Google and TripAdvisor when it comes to vacation planning.

These ads will be allowed placements on Facebook, Instagram, and the Audience Network. This is especially great news for businesses trying to target millennials. According to a recent survey, 68 percent of millennials used Facebook for vacation ideas, and 60 percent of millennials used Instagram. “Trip consideration leverages insights like this, plus behaviors across Facebook, Instagram, our apps, etc., as well as demographic profiles and apps and websites off Facebook in order to personalize the ad experience for a traveler and to maximize results for the advertiser,” said Warner.

This is a natural evolution for Facebook after seeing success with the release of Dynamic Ads for Travel in 2016. Since social media developed naturally into inspirational and aspirational platforms, Trip Consideration targeting will fit organically into users every day feeds.

Advertisers ready to use the new feature need to have Facebook Pixel implemented. This will add a new option for optimization. Slide the toggle that reads “Prioritize delivery to people who plan to travel,” and you’re all set! The perfect vacay is a few clicks away.

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash
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