Website Design & Hosting

Are you horrified by the design of your small or local business website? Or have you ever been blown away by the horrible design aspects built into some of today’s “website tonight” websites? You are not alone. There are so many aesthetic travesties out there, and worse- many small businesses still don’t even have a website. One recent study concluded that a paltry 54% of small businesses maintain a home on the web.

Your business does not need an elaborate and expensive multimedia site, but you do need an eye-pleasing and informative destination. After all, you wouldn’t (purposefully) hang an ugly sign on your storefront or office, so why would you present an ugly website to your prospects?

For an incredibly affordable one-time fee, BAM! can design a website for your business that is both clean and organized, while also being informative. At BAM! we give our clients full control over the content of the site, but help them design a site that is efficient, memorable, and will make customers want to learn more about your business with an in person shopping experience. Just because your business is doing well doesn’t mean that there is no need for your business to have a home on the web.

At BAM!, we focus on four core principles when working with small businesses in website development.

  • Make Business Personal on the First Click
  • Accentuate Your Products With Complementary Design
  • Sell to the right customers, visually.
  • Informational sites do not need to be boring



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