Who Run the World?

2011: The year that President Obama declared March “Women’s History Month.”
1908: The year that International Women’s Day was born.
71: The percentage of our staff that is made up of women.
24: The average percentage gap between men and women’s earnings.
22: The number of countries (out of 197) that have women serving as heads of state.
14: The percentage of women who are top executives at Fortune 500 companies.


The world has come a long way since 1908, but there is still a long way to go. International Women’s Day is a chance to spotlight the work going into the fight for gender equality, as well women’s inspiring achievements.

Here at Bam!, we don’t wait for International Women’s Day to celebrate the hard work of our employees – but in honor of this push toward progress, here is a taste of what the women on our staff have accomplished this past year:

Anna: I am proud of my work with Thistle Farms, that I get to contribute to such an amazing team and one incredible goal of empowering women in our community and around the globe. I derive so much joy from knowing that my efforts help women rise up from oppressive situations and become self-sustaining and successful members of society. #womenhelpingwomen

Ashley: I have been freelance writing for awhile, and over this year I’ve gotten to listen to and tell the stories of so many incredible women. In 2017, one of those stories became my first cover for Good Grit magazine. It was published in January 2018, and seeing it in print was so gratifying.

Haley: Planning a wedding could truly be a full-time job, between all of the appointments and fittings and tastings and emails and decisions that must be made. Oh, the decisions! So, you see why I count it as no small feat that I was able to do that, all while having an actual full-time job that provided a fair amount of decision-making, appointment-taking and email-writing, itself. Not to mention the (smallish) task of taking on a home ‘refresh’ in the middle of all of this, as if it were no. big. deal. Did I always manage it with grace? Certainly not. Did I always have an amazing support system of women? Without a doubt. Between my mom, sisters, friends and wedding planner I never rarely worried that everything would be fine. And it wasn’t just fine, it was great.

Rebecca: In 2017 I did a lot of traveling and all trips were with other amazing women. One of those trips was to Iceland with 5 other girls and we had the best time. For those who don’t travel that often, planning an international trip is very stressful and time consuming, especially when you’re trying to coordinate 6 different schedules. Not only were we able to plan the perfect getaway, but we managed to knock off everything on our Icelandic “bucket list”. If you ever have the opportunity to travel with other women – do it. Not only are they some of my best friends, but they also encouraged me, challenged me, and appreciated me in ways I didn’t know I needed on that trip. I can’t wait to see where we go in the years to come, but that is a trip that I will never forget.


The women of BAM!