Zoe’s Top Travel Tips

1. Check Google Flights around 3-6 months before you start to plan your next adventure! [This is my favorite way to score SUPER cheap flight options, like a $200 round-trip ticket to Iceland!]

2. Before you reach your killer destination, do your RESEARCH. [I love exploring hashtags on Instagram to find out about local traditions, speakeasy restaurants and bars, and quirky boutiques + shops.]

3. Keep a travel journal or write down a bulleted list of your awesome experiences! [There’s nothing better than looking back over the years between the pages of your journal stocked full of old metro cards, ticket stubs, and little napkins or menus from your favorite sandwich shop or bakery.] Faves here and here.

4. Technology, (in some cases) can easily become your best friend while getting around a new city. Take advantage of extremely handy travel apps such as CityMaps2Go, Airbnb, Duolingo, and LocalEats amongst others that may be helpful during your travels. [Pro Tip: Download offline maps from the CityMaps2Go app before heading out around your new whereabouts. Zero wifi needed!]

5. Lastly, go with the FLOW. The harsh reality of travel isn’t always glamorous + found in a pretty picture. (i.e lost luggage, missed flights, food poisoning, etc.) But that’s the best part. I firmly believe breaking free from the pack rejuvenates + heals your soul a time or two. Here’s the best part: There’s a jet leaving for anywhere in the world at this exact moment. Whether it’s in an hour, day, or even 10 years…take it. Because in the end, it’s bad manners to keep a destination waiting.

Adventure on + catch you at the nearest airport. Cheers!