Is Snapchat important for business?: Q&A with BAM!

Q: Why use Snapchat?

Snapchat is a way to share micro-content. It’s Twitter meets YouTube. Snapchat is story telling at it’s very core. The previous assumption was that Snapchat was just for communicating in an un-trackable, risque sort of way; a way to exchange content that disappears with no record. But now it’s a way to reach out to Millennials that are leaving Facebook in exchange for mini-stories that will get your brand’s message across.

The extra benefit of Snapchat is that it acts as a messaging channel for most users. They check the channel everyday and at multiple times throughout the day. However, there isn’t much data to support what times of day are the best or the worst to message.

Q: Do our snaps really disappear?

Technically, yes. There are programs out there that can save your content, however, it is not something that is internally built into Snapchat.

Q: What does the Snapchat user demographics look like?

There are roughly 100M Snapchat users. There is data to suggest that about 77% of students under the age of 24 use Snapchat as a primary “quick story” messaging platform on a daily basis. Despite this figure, Snapchat reports that 70% of those who use the platform are 18 years of age or older. Demographic data shows us that Millennials are set to outspend baby boomers by 2017, so targeting them on the platforms that they use is an incredibly important strategy.

Q: Should you (your business/brand) be on Snapchat? 

The bigger question is – who is your target audience? If you are a target demographic (Millennials or Generation Z) it would make sense that you start developing your Snapchat presence now. The second (million dollar) question is – does your company have content that works for Snapchat? A great example would be Starbucks doing a tutorial on brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home or Home Depot demonstrating quick home improvement tips. The best approach for Snapchat is to teach your demographic something that they would otherwise have to search for.

Q: What can I do that will get a business result, drive people to my blog, end with a sale?

Look for ways to help connect potential buyer needs with the services your industry provides. What is a special way that you will be able to connect your product offering or experience? Use Snapchat to feature exclusive offers and sales, that is how we built Instagram followings when the platform was just beginning to take off. Unique stories, memorable experiences, comedy and passion all make people come back. What it comes down to is how are you going to tell your story in a micro “snackable” content type manner?

You have a story to tell, let us help you tell it.